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Our Services

9 Islands Construction Inc. provides services in the residential, commercial and industrial fields. Meeting all general construction needs, from changing out a household outlet to fulfilling your most epic dream home project.

Brick Wall

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Services

  • Renovations

  • Repairs

  • Upgrades

  • Structural demands and replacements

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing 

Commercial & Industrial Facility Maintenance

We can meet your needs for:

  • Electrical

  • Lighting

  • Plumbing

  • Meeting plant audit requirements

  • MIG and TIG steel fabrication

  • Installation of MIG and TIG applications


  • Complete upgrades

  • New panel upgrades

  • Complete project wiring upgrades of residential, commercial and light industrial applications

  • LED fitting and new installation

  • Code upgrades and installation

  • Fire prevention by:

    • replacement of breakers and fuse boxes as well as ARC Fault and GFI installation

    • Smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector installation


  • All areas of plumbing installation from:

    • Rough plumbing 

    • Finish of drain and water 

    • Sewer maintenance 

    • Routering for residential and commercial applications

Changing a faucet, replacing a toilet, installing a new garbage disposal or fixing a leaking pee trap..."We've got you covered!"

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