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Client Testimonials

"I'd like to take a minute to introduce you to Gil Boim of 9 Islands Construction. Gil was instrumental in helping turn my mother's house into an updated, safe and inviting place. Because of his workmanship, we were able to get top dollar for our childhood home.

My parents bought the house in 1951 and my Dad and brother had done some "major improvements" to the structure. Unfortunately, neither my father nor brother were licensed contractors. We were lucky to find Gil.

He took apart walls, redid plumbing, electrical and lighting, and turned this "lemon" into a jewel.


Gil's expertise is extensive, and his attention to detail and workmanship is above the norm.  His work ethic is crazy: he's gone weeks without taking a day off as he knew we had a deadline to keep.  His knowledge of the area, suppliers and subs is amazing and helped keep our job right on budget. And his communication with me (long distance) was much appreciated.


In a nutshell, Gil Boim is a miracle maker. We were lucky to find him for our renovations, and you will be too.  Please contact me if you'd like more details."



Debbie Ewing


"My experience with 9 Islands has left me with overwhelming gratitude, as if it was a rescue from above. As a landlord I was a victim of the moratorium and the worst tenants...the perfect storm. My precious property was ruined beyond recognition. My best guess was that this was to be a 10 month renovation, at least, with lack of rental income. Thus enters Gil Boim. 


Boy was I mistaken! Gil came in and understood my dilemma and restored my property in a little over one month. It was not only restored, but better than before, with small details bringing it up to code. I now have excellent tenants loving the property.


Since then I have commissioned Gil to paint my personal house. He and his team did not just paint. They took down a large tree, replaced all rotten parts, closed access to critters on my bottom level, sanded and prepped to the utmost degree and added more fencing.  Their daily clean up process would pass the mother-in-law inspection.


The entire completed job is not only beautiful, but SOLID. Nowhere near the flimsy quick turn over construction standards of today."

Nancy Escalante

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